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Congratulations! You have proven yourself a successful rental customer by keeping up with your regular payments, or even just by returning items on time when you are done with them! Being the responsible person that you are, you have either already completed RTO items or are well on the way to doing so. You have earned your place at the top of the line! is what I'm going to do for you:  Priority special ordering.  

Make sure that you take advantage of your $25.00 per week rental maximum and browse the different categories of this site for other rent/RTO items that interest you.  Did you see something on eBay, Amazon, Best Buy etc (literally millions of products) that you like, but maybe don't want to commit to until you try?  How about this, you tell us what YOU want to try/rent?  If you want, just keep the item for a week, then bring it back.  If you like the item, you may rent it longer, or just RTO!  Use your imagination!. Maybe you have your eye on a sweet new guitar or some other great gear. Just ask and I can add it to the site, enabling you to rent nearly whatever you want!  

Please Note:  This is a VERY rapidly growing program.  There are only so many Brand New Items that I can order in every week, but that number is getting bigger!  Reserve as early in the week as you can the items that you want, and please be sure to check out the web store and Facebook page often for when interesting new rental items get brought in to us!  Thanks for being such GREAT customers of our Rent/RTO Program!