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Start earning a VERY reliable 2nd paycheck immediately by partnering with Game Traders Club!  You can literally start TODAY!  There are 2 ways that Game Traders Club, a 25 year old company, can help you!

2nd Paycheck Method 1:  Become a Rental Partner with us.  Here is how it works:


We all have stuff lying around the house that we are not using.  Valuable stuff that can be rented out such as electronics, tools, extra TVs etc, the options are endless.  Contact me to see if there is a demand for your item and to see what it can earn you on a weekly basis.


Game Traders Club will do all the work by finding a customer to rent your item, doing the paperwork and collecting the payments.  Most of our rental/rent-to-own agreements are for one year, so you will be paid back weekly over 52 weeks with payments being sent directly to your Paypal account or you can just stop by and get your cash every week if you want!  As profit will be shared 50/50 with you, YOU make out better than us because we do all the work and you just collect cash!


To begin, please message me through Facebook with your prospective rental item and I will let you know what I believe that it could earn for you on a weekly basis.  Partner with us and start building your INCOME today!

2nd Paycheck Method 2:  Cash Investors (minimum investment of $300 to start)  Here's how it works:

Investing in our Rental Club:


We currently rent all sorts of items locally, and are always expanding what we have to offer.  We intend to expand our program nationwide as it grows.  This is your chance to gain a portion of the rental market while letting Game Traders Club do all the work!


We offer a low initial investment minimum ($300) and a very high rate of return (we split the profit with you 50/50).  You start getting your investment back, plus profit as soon as an item is selected and a rental customer is found for you. This usually happens in a day or sometimes 2.  Payouts get sent to you weekly via your Paypal account over a period of usually 26-52 weeks, or you can stop and get your cash in store.  We do the screening of your customer to give you the best possible chance for success!  There is RISK involved as with any investment, but it is VERY low.  What if a customer doesn't pay, and keeps the item?  Well, that never works out well for the customer, but it can tie up your funds for a longer period of time until all the legal and court issues are worked out.  A customer may decide to pay an item off early too.  Then , you have to decide if you want to reinvest, or take the money out.


Once you see how well this works, you are welcome to invest more.  We do all the work for you.

Partner with us today and have fun as you earn!