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frequently asked questions

Below is a list of questions we typically get asked about our rental program. If there are any other questions please feel free to give us a call or message on Facebook!

What sort of things do we rent out?

We started with new and pre-owned Video game consoles, Tablets, 4KTVs and smart phones; but as our program has grown and continues to grow we began special requested items (one being home furnishings) that aren't normally stocked at our store for those who have a history/proven success in our rental program.  This includes literally millions of products that we can find on the internet, and if the item is too big for instore/pickup we offer drop shipping directly to your home.

An example of things we've rented that we normally stock and special requested items would be: Gaming Consoles and PC's, 4K TV's,  Cell Phones, Laptops,  Home Appliances, Smart devices, Gaming Chairs, Desks, PC Monitors, home furnishings and more!

What is needed for the rental program?

1. Proof of employment that shows you have been with your current employer for at least 3 months.

2. Photo ID such as a State ID or Drivers License.

3. Two verifiable payment methods, a Primary and a back-up for the automatic payments. The back-up can be a checking account, but both accounts must be in your name.   Your card has to be backed by a major, or prominent local back.  

The last thing we do is a civil/criminal background check. This is not a credit check, it is something that is public record that we look at to make sure a person we want to rent to doesn't have any thefts or outstanding accounts that have had to go through the legal process and have not been satisfied. 

How does the program work?

Depending on the cost of the item we typically propose a 26 week or 52 week rental contract. The weekly amount is determined by the cost of the item and how long the contract is for.  If a person goes the full terms of the contract and successfully pays each payment, the contract is closed and the item becomes theirs with no further charges being needed.

Can I pay it off early? YES! If a customer wishes to own the item sooner than going the full contract terms, we do offer a buy out option to help customers save money compared to going the full terms. When someone is ready to buy out the contract, we deduct half of every payment made up to that point in time from the sticker price, and they pay the difference. This way half of each weekly or biweekly payment was a rental fee (known as the Cost of Rental) and the other was paying toward the item. 

The amount deducted from the weekly payments can be a little different depending on the length of contract

What if I don't like the item or it no longer fits in my budget? RETURN IT! New items can have a minimum rental period to offset  New vs Used prices, but there are no early cancellation fees! Renting helps minimize regretful purchases, if you're renting an item from us for a few weeks or even a few months; if you're no longer using it or would rather get something else, you can return the item as long as its in the same good working condition you picked it up in and we'll cancel