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Xbox Series X Console (NEW) Special Rent/OTB offer*

Xbox Series X Console (NEW) Special Rent/OTB offer*

Only 4 left in stock - order soon.

Minimum Rental Period:  1 week.  NO CREDIT CHECK needed.  That said, we do a simple background civil/criminal check to determine your eligibility for our Rental Program. 

 The RTO period is a MAXIMUM of 52 weeks.  You can pay it off whenever you like before that, and we would deduct 1/2 of your rental payments made from the base price.  Also, you may return it within a week (or at anytime before the 52 weeks is over) as it is a rental, and the full $20.00 per week would be your rental cost.  If you continue TO RENT it, it automatically becomes yours after 52 weeks, and no further payments will be needed.  Please reserve your rental here, then you may come in and get it at your convenience!  Anyone can Rent/RTO anything we have at Game Traders Club and it's simple!  Here is what you will need to set up a rental account:

1.  Photo ID.  A driver's license or State ID will be fine.

2. Bank Cards (Primary and Back-up) with your name on it.  Pre-paid and gift cards are not accepted.  You will be making recurring weekly or bi-weekly payments until you return the item, or until it becomes yours after the pre-set number of weeks!

3.  A paycheck stub (usually on your phone) that verifies that you have regular income and have been at your job for at least 3 months.

Special Note for Out of Town Customers:

We will ship or drop ship the item to you within 2 business days.  You will pay the shipping costs, and must provide the 3 items above by sending pictures by email.  You will be asked to sign a legal document, and we may speak with you in person over the phone. Once you return the item you have rented or have kept it for the predetermined period of time (usually 26 or 52 weeks) , you will no longer be charged the recurring rental fee.  You may contact us by phone or the Facebook messenger at any time.